Wishing you A Very… Merry…

.. well, you know how it goes. Like it or not, we start hearing, and thinking, about Christmas earlier every year.

For some of us, it’s time for one final push before the shutters go down, to end the year on a high and invest in new momentum for the new year coming. Equally though, it can be a time of frustration as your hottest contacts become distracted, elusive, and internally focused.

So alongside my usual ‘Winding Down For Christmas?’ reminder, I’d like to humbly plant a couple of seeds of… well, let’s call it seasonal empathy… as we move into the final month of 2015.

As we enter the festive lead-up…
…what kind of different issues or opportunities will your clients have?
…what are they going to be doing differently?
…how will their mindset be different?

Think about what your customers and key contacts are focusing on, and looking for, towards the end of the year.

  • Will they be reflective on the lessons of the year passed or thinking to the year ahead? How could you deliver change and improvement for them?
  • Are they struggling to manage their business during the busy holiday period? Can you and your services assist?
  • Are they planning a seasonal push of their own? Can you help them raise profile, and reach a wider audience?

Now, with this insight, what can you do that’s timely, and to-the-point, and supportive, and different?

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