Winding Down For Christmas? – Part 1: So are your Competitors!

Don’t start tuning out for Christmas just yet – Catch your competitors napping with these 12 tips to help you make the most of the festive season and start the new year with a boost…

Part 1 – Tips 1-6 (Part 2 next week!)

1. Reach out to any contacts that you may have let drift during the year. This is a perfect time to send a simple note or a card with a friendly greeting and opening the way to a follow up call to catch up.

2. Remember your Christmas cards! – Despite the electronic age (maybe because of it), a hand-written, personalised Christmas card is a brilliant way to keep you front of mind with your contacts. And they’re particularly effective as they are far more likely to make it past the usual gatekeepers, and actually be opened and read by your target. 

3. Reach out to your most elusive prospects while the guard is away! When the PA has broken for Christmas early, or the office staff have left to go late night shopping, you may find you are able to ring directly through to your toughest targets.

4. Be your customers’ solution to unspent 2014 budgets – Not applicable to everyone and you will need to do your groundwork, but businesses operating under a ‘use it or lose it’ annual budgetary cycle may be very receptive at this time of year, especially if they can make the commitment now and accrue over to next year. It’s a good way for you to start your new year with business on the books. 

5. Arrange in your new year meetings now. Amongst all this activity, make sure you book in those meetings. Don’t leave it as loose as ‘catching up in the new year’ or you will be losing all that ground you have gained with your pre-Christmas efforts.

6. Host an event. It doesn’t need to be anything grand or expensive. Invite your contacts to an early evening glass of mulled wine and a minced pie to thank them for their custom during the year. If you’re not so confident that you will attract the numbers then focus on an intimate and personal thank you to key contacts, and perhaps hold it at a local bar or cafe where there will be other people present (to stop you awkwardly standing in an empty room together!) It’s not too late even now to set up something simple. Many people deliberately leave their diaries flexible at this time of year, so may be less likely to be booked up.

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