When Good Enough is… Good Enough

In my last blog I talked about going the extra mile: ‘When Good Enough, Isn’t.

After all it makes good sense doesn’t it? Every customer service programme I’ve ever attended, or built, had at its heart the notion of excellence; using a relentless focus on quality and the customer experience to deliver exceptional service and delight customers at every opportunity.

But here’s the thing. What if customers don’t want to be delighted? What if they are fine with ‘fine’? 

After all, excellence costs. Those people that tell you a smile costs nothing, are wrong. Instilling a customer centric culture, increasing staff-to-customer ratios, rolling out customer service training; it all adds up. Where does the money come from?

So maybe, for some customers, where this self-proclaimed excellence goes beyond what’s required, it starts to become not only unwanted and distracting, but, more importantly, costly and inefficient?

  • Do you really want *every* member of staff at the hotel to say good morning to you and ask if you need anything?
  • Do you really want *every* member of the restaurant staff to ask if you’re enjoying your meal today?
  • Do you really want three follow up calls from the garage when you have your car serviced, to 1. Check everything was fine with the service, 2. Ask how likely you’d be to recommend them, and then 3. A further call from head office to ask whether you’d had a customer service follow up call from the garage. (yes this really happened!)
  • Do you want (or know how to use) all the added functionality and custom options on your smart TV/phone/car/oven..?

…because I know I don’t and what’s more I don’t want to pay extra for it. ENOUGH ALREADY!

So ‘good enough’ is about understanding your customers’ needs, and focusing on meeting them. Without bells and whistles and frills and gimmicks.

And surely amidst all the new-world social media hype and marketing noise, this quiet, confident, delivery, is itself excellent and exceptional.

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