The New Age Of Differentiation – Part 4: Leadership

You know that competitor of yours, the one who’s always:

  • On some mission or other, to change the face of this or that, and re-educate the world,
  • Announcing their latest new products and services, updates and innovations,
  • Grabbing publicity about themselves or how they’ve worked with or made some alliance with this customer or that,
  • Pushing out emails, blog posts, social media updates, white papers about latest thinking and developments in your industry,
  • Speaking about some or other issue-of-the-moment at seminars and conferences,
  • Being interviewed by the press or local TV when your industry is in the news for whatever reason,
  • Setting up some or other new initiative working with other businesses or the community?

Well, that’s leadership that is. 

Ok, some of it’s also PR* but mostly it’s leadership.
(*One for another blog – never underestimate the value of a good PR person). 

It’s leadership because it requires:

  • Tenacity – There’s always huge risk in raising your profile and speaking out.
  • Drive – It takes energy and conviction to be constantly proactively pushing these kind of initiatives.
  • Perspective – An appreciation of actions and impact beyond the immediate sales cycle. 
  • Expertise – Because you can’t pull any of this off if you don’t’ know your stuff.

All are classic leadership qualities, and this is why, done well, leadership is one of the most powerful and sustainable competitive strategies. 

It’s distinctive, noticeable, and can’t be faked… and that’s differentiation.

Up next: Part 5 – Convenience.

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