Rising Above The Noise

Have you ever noticed that it’s the smaller, day to day, stuff that tends to scream for your attention? Whereas the big strategic stuff just simmers away quietly out of earshot.

No surprise really; it’s a busy business running a business. Especially (but not exclusively) if you’re an owner manager: There’s lots to do, lots of distraction, lots of admin and (dare I say) trivia competing for your attention. After all who else is going to do it?

So here’s the thing. Now and again, whether you delegate the day to day stuff on to someone else, or just briefly press the pause button, you have to force yourself to rise above all the ‘noise’ and ask yourself: “What’s the real thing that’s holding my business back right now?”

Going from a number of my own clients this year alone, the answer could be anything from absence of marketing, low customer awareness, lack of prospect leads, unexceptional products, antagonistic supplier relationships, over-promoted (/underskilled) personnel, unclear purpose and vision, bad purchasing decisions… 

Whatever it is, fix it. Or you might find you don’t need to worry about the small stuff for much longer. 

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