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Who are you looking to meet? It’s a very simple question, but rarely gets a straightforward answer.

More often than not we come up with something vague and generic, probably along the lines of “anyone who wants my services” or basically ‘whoever’s willing to pay me’, and this kind of response misses the point, and also an opportunity.

For example, me, I’m looking to meet:

  1. Owners of independent businesses, who want to change their businesses, either by growing or improving,
  2. Talented local business advisors who can be future me’s as I scale up the consulting and peer board side of my business,
  3. Other experts and business services providers who might be of use to my clients.

There. Its transparent, and specific, and gets people thinking ‘who do I know who fits this profile?’

And that of course is what you want. An unashamed to-the-point answer generates a very clear call to action, where previously there might have been little more than a vague planting of information.

So, really, who are you looking to meet?

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