Fun With Favourtunities

Next time you’re looking for a favour, take a moment and consider if you can re-frame your request into the form of a favourtunity

This could be a simple matter of semantics; just making sure you also highlight the benefits to the other party. Or, you may have to go as far as re-constructing the favour entirely, so that it newly includes or creates an opportunity.

Either way, we humans are a lot more amenable to helping each other when the request contains an element of empathy, and the outcome is equitable.

6 things to keep in mind when creating favourtunities..

  1. Rule 1 is to keep your eye on the prize. You have an end outcome in mind; don’t lose sight of it as you negotiate your way through the different scenarios and compomises.
  2. However, do be open minded to some element of compromise… ‘give a little, take a little’.. (but see 1 above).
  3. Focus on keeping a good, sustainable, relationship with the other party. The natural outcome of a favourtunity is that it’s mutually positive. If it’s not, then something has gone off track!
  4. Favourtunity is founded on empathy and insight, so you will need to ask some smart, open questions at the outset, in order to understand the motivations and concerns of the other party. Then you can really push the right buttons with your favourtunity proposal.
  5. The best favouritunities come from each party being able to bring their underutilised, or taken-for-granted, resources to the deal. This could be anything from skills, time, or website visitors, to an underused meeting room or host server capacity…
  6. Beware ‘baby and bathwater’: Favourtunities are not about giving good chargeable stuff away for free (or asking this of others). There has to be mutual benefit; it has to create value rather than erode it. This can be a tricky balance to achieve, and so keep your eye on rule 1 above.

What’s your experience? What favourtunity examples have you generated or come across?

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