Feeling Obscured?

So, we have much excitement here in Old Blighty as we near tomorrow’s solar eclipse. Watching powers beyond our reach obscure the light of the Sun by up to 98% across Northern Europe, it will be a moment of reflection and awe for many, at the scale and workings of the universe and our humble role within it.

During your own contemplative moment, you might also want to give a little thought to any parallels – Specifically, what factors might be eclipsing you as you move through your own universe?

  • Do you have a highly vocal competitor, where you’re being eclipsed by not having marked out your own niche or point of differentiation?
  • Is your most popular or most visible product, in fact leading others to make assumptions and generalisations about what you do and obscuring your other services?
  • Maybe a major client, on whom you’ve become so reliant, that you’re failing to recognise and nurture a wider client-base?
  • Or even an overbearing or myopic business partner who’s standing in the way of growth and true potential?

Whatever it is, don’t accept it. Take control. It’s time to go and create a bit of disruption in your own universe!

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